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The Agencies of Temporary Workers - creators of working places

The temporary employments – news here, it is from long ago established practice throughout the word.
Providing the temporary workers is the solution for personnel problems in the companies which in the course of time has been proved as the very successful practice,  practically in all countries in  Europe and world wide.

The success of the Agencies of Temporary Workers is the result of the possibility for providing the flexibility for the companies – clients and for the candidates-potential  temporary workers,   without   questioning   the quality of working force.

The temporary work makes difference of the following relations:

  • The Agency for temporary work
  • Client-company who has work place and on which needs to  engage temporary worker
  • Temporary worker
Partner - Agency of temporary workers
The former Youth Association Partner with more than 16 years of experience in providing the temporary and from time to time workers of  various profiles for campaigns and state institutes in Macedonia, starting  from 21.04.2006 and in accordance with the Law on Agencies of Temporary  Workers it has been transformed into the   Agency of Temporary  Workers Partner- Agency Partner.

The Agency Partner is exclusively directed in providing the temporary workers for the companies  from all areas, with maximum flexibility  to the clients as well to  the workers, keeping   the required  level of  the quality, experience and knowledge.

The Agency Partner is an expert in searching, selection and providing the staff on all levels and qualifications in the territory of RM.

We offer quick and secure solution for everyone who has need of temporary employments, no matter of the period needed for the engagement.


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