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The Agencies of Temporary Work are ideal solution for quality workers

The Agencies of Temporary Work are your ideal starting point in providing of workers no matter if you need qualified or unqualified staff.

Do you wish to optimize the number of workers and expenditures?

Than, you are on the right address – Partner is the right solution for YOU

What do you gain with temporary workers engagement?

1. More  flexibility, if you like to adjust the number of your employees to the moment needs of your Company.

2. Advantage for engagement  of “temporary workers”, they   are not your regular employees and they are not engage in  your company, so your administrative services  don’t have additional  enragements  to follow their engagements, salary payment and contributions on salary, holidays, sickness  days etc.

3. The fees for engagement of “temporary workers” are accurate foreseen, because when the conditions are negotiated between ATW and the clients, the working places are exactly defined, also the salary, working time etc.

4. The clients  can address ATW always in the case of :
  • seasonal increase of volume of work
  • periods  of increased activity in the Company
  • annual holidays
  • sick days
  • working engagements  on special projects
PARTNER guaranties that the open working places can be immediately fulfill as the result of the large available data base.

Our “workers” are available any time. They are qualified and available on the whole territory of RM

PARTNER guaranties that the engaged “temporary workers” shall meet your expectations due to:

1. our members are precisely selected
2. satisfactory paid
3. are able to  prove  their qualifications
4. always are in touch with their counselor

Are you interested for cooperation, contact us about informal offer for cooperation


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