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The Agency Partner makes the real choice of everyone who would like to be included in the labor market

It is just the right time  to address us,  if you are looking for job in the administration, as computer operator, technician, general worker, assistant, qualified worker. We offer the following:

1. Big choice of attractive working places in the various fields.
2. All engaged  persons immediately sign the  working contact (assured that the taxes and contributions of salary shall be paid  and that you shall enjoy the privileges of employment)
3. Attractive salaries.

To be temporary worker means that you are our employee (in Partner), but you perform the work in another company. Your counselor in Partner is already planning your engagement in the other Company to.

Remember: Your counselor is always on your disposal!!!
The counselor is your contact person, the bridge between you and your working place.
The counselor is the one who has the best knowledge of the labor market and is in touch with all companies who have   vacant jobs.

Have we already attracted your interest!!! Contact us  for your registration.

The registration means integration of your data in our data base. These data remain protected with us, and using them we try to find you a job that shall be suitable to your experience and knowledge.

The registration with us is free of charge and without obligations.

If you are offered an engagement and you for any reason  are not able to respond to it, you evidence remains with us, without any sanctions  and with possibility to  be offered some other further engagements.


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